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Audion Recording Studios
Nashville TN 615-667-1080
Audion Recording Studios has become the studio of choice for many great artists over the years
and we have recorded some of Nashville’s best talent. Artists from the Nashville area and around
the country come to us because of the quality of our production, low rates and our unique sound.
We are located just minutes from downtown Nashville in Springfield Tn.
We have comfortable temperature controlled rooms featuring some of the latest recording
technology with a large collection of microphones and other audio equipment. Our recording
spaces are intimate warm sounding rooms that inspire creativity.
John Magliano, Owner/Engineer with over 25 years of experience in recording, will ensure that
you are getting a professional engineer that will help you get the most out of each recording
session without wasting your time and money.
John is a musician, audio engineer, producer, electronics technician & and holds a radio
comunication license. He has worked as an audio professional for over 25 years. Born and
raised in New York City he started working in recording studios in the 1980's where he learned
the art of analog recording and tape editing and by 18 years old was running his own recording
sessions. Also a musician, John started playing drums at the age of 6 and picked up keyboards
soon after. Having a love for electronics and music at an early age, he began to work with
synthesizers and became an expert in MIDI and sampling technology. To this day his first priority
is always the music. With all of the real world experience he has, it gives him the ability to work
fast and deliver professional quality results. One thing he has become known for is his ability to
bring out the best in the artist and as a producer help in the creative process to assure each
song meets or exceeds the artists vision.

Do your research and compare us to the other studios and you will see why we are the best
value for your money. If you want the best quality production in the Nashville area at the lowest
rates then contact us today.
ARS Offers a variety of audio services such as:
Studio Recording
Location Recording
Audio Mixing
Internet I-Session Production
Format Conversion
Electronic Audio Services
(custom made recording studio equipment and instrument amplifiers) 

And much more
Audion Recording Studios
Springfield Tn 37172