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These Are Just Some Of The Artists We Have Recorded
Pop / Rock

John Magliano "I Can Hardly Wait"
Queens Boulevard "The Devil Walks"
Queens Boulevard "Maps"
Suns Of Kora "Bottle Of Wine"
Suns Of Kora "Young Wild & Free"
John Magliano "Endless Time"
Carmen Magliano "I Dreamed That I"
Carmen Magliano "You've Changed"
Carmen Magliano "At The Top"
Carmen Magliano "Turning Tide"
Red Scare "Awesome Sunshine"
Red Scare "Perfect Dark"
Wayne Hallett "Halfway To Your Heart"
Wayne Hallett "Perfect Crime"
Wayne Hallett "Dream Time"
Juan Ramirez "Fly" featuring the late Allan Tynes on guitars.
John Magliano "The Lies"
John Magliano "Sun Comes Out"
Country / Americana

Potts,Clarke,Carrizales "Tswifted"
Rick Millward "Looking At Girls"
Kenny Owens "Sparks Still Fly"
Kenny Owens "Bitter"
Kenny Owens "Ballad Of Bodean Hardin"
Darryl Douglas "Feel The Music"
Darryl Douglas "Where Are You Now"
The Wild West Band "Cool Guitar"
Wade Werner "This Very Moment"
Chas Holland* "My Little Girl"
Double Intenders "Nobody Warned Me"
Double Intenders "The Other Side Of The Bars"
Double Intenders "Complicated Girl"
Mike Mitchell "Lavender Dreams"
Mike Mitchell "I Believe In The Sun"
Michelle & Melinda "Hold On"
Darryl Douglas "Nascar Fan"
Hard Rock / Metal

Starshot Black "Halo"
Starshot Black "I'll Never Be the Same Again"
Starshot Black "Sign Me Up"
Indigo Sol "Rapture Blues"
Indigo Sol "Early One Morning"
Counterbalance "Betrayal"
Counterbalance "Free Again"
Edens Crash "Woman"
Tim Bays "Fighting Man"
Dustin Back "The Joy That Never Comes"
A Ritual For Two "Still Empty"
A Ritual For Two "Light Ablaze The Decay"

WAJA "Breathe" (R&B)
Du Suttford "What's It Matter" (JAZZ)
The Pocket Monsterz "Fire On The Bayou" (R&B)
Hazmat Modine "I Broke My Baby's Heart" LIVE! (Blues)
Steve Lusby* "The Big Backyard Jam" LIVE (R&B)
John Magliano "Learning Is A Process" (Ambient/Electronic)
John Magliano " For What Is Unknown" (Ambient/Electronic)