09-27-2014 - New song by Carmen Magliano "I Dreamed That I"
09-10-2014 - New studio time Specials this month. Specials
08-27-2014 - Nick Swan in studio working new songs.
07-25-2014 - Studio updates & more mixing.
06-21-2014 - Mixing Projects.
06-10-2014 - Mixing 2 new tracks from The Suns Of Kora.
06-01-2014 - Closed for CMA week.
05-18-2014 - The Suns Of Kora in studio working on new album.
05-16-2014 - New track from Starshot Black's new album. "Halo".
05-02-2014 - Mixing Starshot Black's new album.
04-13-2014 - The Kentucky Gentelemen in studio working demo.
04-08-2014 - Chris Gregory working on new tracks.
03-28-2014 - Starshot Black back in studio working tracks for new ablum.
03-19-2014 - Mixing Projects.
01-31-2014 - New song "I Can Hardly Wait" by John Magliano
01-20-2014 - Taking time to work on some of my own music.
01-10-2014 - Studio Updates.
12-23-2013 - Closed for the holidays. Happy New Year!
12-04-2013 - Mixing projects.
11-18-2013 - We are pleased to announce the arrival of new studio monitors here at ARS.
Event electronics OPAL studio monitors, this is one of the most advanced monitor systems
in the world and provide the most accurate sound reproduction available today.
11-10-2013 - This a before and after production example of a song I produced for Kenny
Owens titled "Song Of Christmas". Kenny laid down his acoustic and vocal and I then
changed the arragement a bit and played the rest of the parts. This is the (BEFORE) &
(AFTER) versions.
10-25-2013 - Mixing projects

10-23-2013 - Allan Jones working on demo

10-17-2013 - A Ritual For Two working on new album

10-05-2013 - Pat McGee working on new album

10-01-2013 - Jaycee Lynne working on demo

09-15-2013 - Mixing projects

08-22-2013 - Darryl Douglas's "Nascar Fan"

08-19-2013 - Darryl Douglas recording new theme song for NASCAR

08-15-2013 - New song by Dustin Back "The Joy That Never Comes" Dustin played Drums,
Bass, Guitars & Vocals. Keyboards played by John Magliano.

08-07-2013 - Dustin Back in studio working on new album

08-01-2013 - ProTools 11 update.

07-26-2013 - Brio String Quartet working on new album

07-21-2013 - Mixing projects

07-06-2013 - The Suns Of Kora back in studio

07-01-2013 - Maintenance / Updates

06-20-2013 - Mixing Projects

06-10-2013 - New song from Suns Of Kora ( Bottle Of Wine )

06-05-2013 - The Suns Of Kora working on new album.

05-15-2013 - Mixing projects

04-20-2013 - New track from Starshot Black (I'll Never Be The Same Again)

04-01-2013 - Mixing projects

03-10-2013 - Nicholas Potts project in studio (Tswifted session).

03-01-2013 - Starshot Black in studio working on new album.

02-22-2013 - Brian Mac in studio working on new album.

02-16-2013 - String quintet group BRIO in studio.

01-20-2013 - 2012 was a busy year and I am going to take a short break. Also want to get
back to some of my own music projects. I will still take bookings for the future and have
decided to run discounted rates for next month. I'm looking for new projects to produce and
record. Go here for Rates

01-15-2013 - Mixing projects.

01-14-2013 - Pro Tools 10.3.3 Update

01-04-2013 - We are proud to announce the winner of the 2012 Audion Recording-Studios
Free Studio Time Giveaway has been selected at random. The Youth Orchestra at Austin
Peay University. Thank you to all who entered the contest, There were some really great
entries from some very talented people. Remember you can still get a great rate on
recording with us and you can always enter the contest next December. Thank you to all.
Happy New Year.

12-10-2012 - Kenny Owens back in studio tracking new song.

12-05-2012 - J-MAZE in studio working on new songs.


11-28-2012 - Closed for studio maintenance will reopen in a few days.

11-26-2012 - Flore Saint. Louis in studio working on her version of "O Holy Night" for the

11-18-2012 - Mixing projects.

11-07-2012 - Dirty Angel from Madisonville Ky in studio working on new album.

09-20-2012 - Mixing projects.

09-16-2012 - Jarvis Sisters in studio.

08-31-2012 - Mixing projects.

06-25-2012 - Private Session.

06-14-2012 - Artist Stephen Knight in studio Working on new album.

06-12-2012 - We have won the Independent Country Music Association 2012 Awards for
"Best Recording Studio" & John Magliano For "Best Producer"

06-12-2012 - Vocal Overdubs with Tom Moore

05-21-2012 - Studio Maintenance / Pro Tools 10.2 Update complete.

05-04-2012 - I am sad to hear that Adam Yauch AKA “MCA” from the New York group the
Beastie Boys has passed away from cancer today. I first met Adam in NYC at one of the
recording studios I worked at in the 90’s and used to service their synthesizers. He was a
funny and really nice guy. He will be missed.

05-02-2012 - Editing & Mixing.

04-19-2012 - New song from The Wild West Band "Cool Guitar" Demo Version.

04-09-2012 - Audion Recording Studios have been nominated for "Best Studio" & John
Magliano for "Best Producer"
by the (ICMA).

04-01-2012 - Wild West Band in studio recording new songs.

02-15-2012 - Private Session

01-21-2012 - Indigo Sol's New album Roach Motel is complete. Here is two tracks "Rapture
Blues" & "Early One Morning"

01-01-2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2012

12-07-2011 - Indigo Sol Finished tracking today now onto mixing.

11-01-2011 - Private Session for the month of November

10-22-2011 - Queens Boulevard's New Album This Is Not An Exit is Complete here are two
songs from the new Album "Maps" "The Devil Walks"

10-10-2011 - We are now looking to add a new drum kit to the studio to replace our current
kit. we will be auditioning from brands such as... Mapex, Yamaha, Pearl, Tama and others.
Stay tuned to find out who will be the new official drums of Audion Recording Studios

10-01-2011 - Indigo Sol In studio this month working on their new album.

09-29-2011 - New song from Carmen Magliano "At The Top" Produced & Recorded by
John Magliano

09-19-2011 - Queens Boulevard finished tracking now starting Mixing.

09-15-2011 - After suffering writers block for some time John Magliano is back with a new
song called "Endless Time"

08-15-2011 - Rick Millward's song "Looking At Girls" is complete. Produced and recorded
by John Magliano

07-25-2011 - Working on new song by Carmen Magliano

07-10-2011 - Working with Rick Millward on new song.

06-29-2011 - 9mm Disco Working on new album

06-17-2011 - Updated www.audionrecording.com  website.

06-06-2011 - Red Scare CD is done this is two of the songs from there new CD "Awesome
Sunshine" & "Perfect Dark"

05-29-2011 - Queens Boulevard in studio working on new album.

05-26-2011 - Red Scare is In studio working on new demo CD.

04-14-2011 -Double Intenders Album is now complete and will be on sale very soon. A track
from new album "The Other Side Of The Bars"

02-02-2011 - Another song From Wayne Hallett is done "Perfect Crime"

01-29-2011 - Private Sessions

01-27-2011 - Wayne Hallett just finished one of songs from his new forthcoming CD. "Cast
Your Spell"

01-15-2011 - Wayne Hallett in studio working on his new CD.

10-10-2010 - Just finished Demo session with Wade Werner today. Recorded & mixed this
song in just 5 hours Produced by John Magliano "This Very Moment"

10-09-2010 - Private Session in the month of October.

09-22-2010 - Mike Mitchell "Lavender Dreams"

09-21-2010 - Mike Mitchell just finished recording a new song called Lavender Dreams.
Produced by John Magliano. Start mixing tomorrow.

09-18-2010 - Double Intenders in studio recording new album.

09-03-2010 - Recording artists Turning Point just finished 3 more tracks.

08-17-2010 - Counter Balance "Betrayal  "Free Again"

08-16-2010 - Counter Balance finished tracking is now being mixed.

08-06-2010 - Turning Point just finished their new song "He Will"

08-03-2010 - Hard Core band Counter Balance is in the studio recording their new album.

05-19-2010 - Mike Mitchell Just completed recording his Acoustic demo CD. The song "I
Believe In The Sun" is one of mike's great songs from the CD.

05-15-2010 - Carmen & John Magliano just completed a new song titled "You've Changed"
Recorded & Mixed by john Magliano at ARS.

04-30-2010 - Kenny Owens Album Walking St. James is now out and available in stores
and CD Baby

11-24-2009 - The group Clockwork recorded the first tracks for their new demo. Look out
for them on my space soon.

11-23-2009 - Kenny Owens new album is complete and will be on sale soon. here is one of
the songs from the album "Spark's Still Fly"

10-09-2009 - The Wild West Band just completed their version of "Paint Me A Birmingham"
Recorded, Mixed and produced by John Magliano at ARS.

10-03-2009 - Kenny Owens new album is almost complete we are in the final stages of
mixing and then it's off to mastering. Kenny is a incredible song writer and his songs are a
wonderful blend of Americana. This album was recorded, Mixed and co-produced with
Kenny Owens at ARS.

09-01-2009 - ARS John Magliano is featured in KEYBOARD MAGAZINE August edition for
engineering Fred Kimmel's Hit song "In To You"

08-20-2009 - Congratulations to the winner of the one free day of studio time United Way
Charity Giveaway.

04-11-2009 - The Wild West Band is having their record release party and show Saturday

04-11-2009 -  7pm at the French quarter cafe. 823 woodland street, Nashville. go to

04-01-2009 - Started the new ARS news page.

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