Audion Recording Studios has been the studio of choice for many
great artists over the years. We have recorded some of the best
talent in Nashville and from around the country. People continue to
choose us because of the quality of our production, low rates and
our unique sound.

We have comfortable temperature controlled rooms featuring some
of the best recording technology with a large collection of
microphones, instrument amplifiers, keyboards, synthesizers other
audio equipment. Our recording spaces are intimate warm
sounding rooms that inspire creativity.

John Magliano, Owner/Engineer with almost 30 years of
experience is a musician, audio engineer, producer, electronics
technician & and holds a radio communication license.
Born and raised in New York City John started working in recording
studios in the 1980's where he learned the art of analog recording
and tape editing and by 18 years old was running his own recording
sessions. Also a musician, John started playing drums at the age of
6 and picked up keyboards soon after. Having a love for electronics
and music at an early age, he began to work with synthesizers and
became an expert in MIDI and sampling technology. To this day his
first priority is always the music. With all of the real world
experience he has gives him the ability to work fast and deliver
professional quality results. One thing he has become known for is
his ability to bring out the best in the artist and as a producer help
in the creative process to assure each song meets or exceeds the
artist's vision.

What you get with us is a studio with great gear and an engineer
with years of experience that can get you the sound you are looking
for without wasting your time and money.

Do your research and compare us to the other studios and you will
see why we continue to be one Nashville's favorite recording

ARS Offers a variety of audio services such as:
Studio Recording-Location Recording-Audio Mixing
Mastering-Internet I-Session Production
Format Conversion-Electronic Audio Services
(custom made recording studio equipment and instrument

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Audion Recording Studios
Feedback from our clients

A RITUAL FOR TWO - Hey John I just wanted to take the time to let you
know how amazing of a producer you are.

SUNS OF KORA - The Suns Of Kora- Working with John Magliano, and
recording at Audion Recording Studios was one of the coolest, and most
professional experiences we have encountered thus far in the music
industry.  His passion to create quality over quantity was an essential
essence that really brought our ideas to life.  Being new to the Nashville
area, we didn’t know quite what to expect from an in studio experience,
but with a mix of our creativity and John’s ingenuity, and sound quality,
the music quickly came to life.  His hands on approach and drive to
produce the best sound for the song really shows not only his love for
what he develops, but his love and knowledge of music.  The whole
experience at Audion Recording Studios was one that has left a lasting
impression on us, and we look forward to working with John and
recording at Audion Recording Studios in the near future.

STARSHOT BLACK - In our experiences with other studios, we’ve been
overly exposed to these sterile digital environments where the engineers
are way too high strung, you don't really get that feeling that you're there
to make a record that reflects who you are as an individual. With Audion
Recording Studios, the minute we stepped through the door we felt this
vibe that made it feel like we had been transported back in time, back to
a time where the integrity of music still existed in a mass quantity. It just
feels like home and they have the technology up to today’s musical
ventures. We chose to record at Audion because we wanted to stop
feeling like everything was fake, and the only real way to achieve a “bad
ass” digital sound was through expensive plugins. We needed an
experience that wasn't so high stress, or "sterile". We recorded 6 songs
(basically an album) in 4 days, and with the work ethic of the studios
head engineer & producer John Magliano, we managed to record songs
that I felt had both personality, and a realistic quality that stands out
among all of my other recordings. It still feels like a home away from
home, and I'm looking forward to my next recording project. But what I
really wanted to say was.....Man, this studio is f-ing awesome, John is the
man, awesome f-ing personality! And Best Prices I have found for this
kind of quality! Everything about Audion Recording Studios makes it a
diamond in the rough, and rough would be the recording hell hole
studios that I've been through before! AUDION RECORDING STUDIOS IS A

NICHOLAS POTTS - (Tswifted) - John was a pleasure to work with. We
were in a time crunch and you couldn't tell that by the finished product.
A huge reason for that is John's knowledge. He worked straight through,
without a break. I'll most certainly work with John again in the very near

BRIO - Our string quintet recorded a CD with Mr. Magliano recently. The
atmosphere was very un-intimidating and we had a great experience. All
the equipment was in place and arranged to specifically fit our group
before we arrived. We are very impressed with the sound of the
recording and the quality of the equipment at Audion. We hope to be
back in the studio again soon!

DIRTY ANGEL - Audion Recording Studios has an amazing atmosphere.
And with one of the greatest producers we've ever worked with truly
brought the killer sound we were looking for thanks for everything John.

FLORE SAINT LOUIS - My recording experience at Audion Recording
Studios was very positive. The studio provided a peaceful atmosphere
that made me feel right at home.  Producer John Magliano was very
patient, and paid close attention to detail every step of the way.  I am
very satisfied with the end results. I am looking forward to recording at
Audion again in the near future, and I would recommend the studio to
anyone looking for a place to record.

INDIGO SOL - We would like to give a HUGE THANKS to John Magliano at
Audion Recording Studios for giving our album such a unique and
powerful sound and for making the process so fun!

QUEENS BOULEVARD - Its refreshing to meet someone that really
captures our sound and has great insight and positive feedback.
We have been recording our 10 song album with John at Audion for the
past 3 months. He has been a tremendous help with completing our
project and giving it an amazing, professional sound. Audion Studios is a
great, professional, budget-friendly studio with top of the line gear and a
world-class producer. I look forward to working with John on our next
project. I would highly recommend this studio to any musician for any

WAYNE HALLETT - By far the best recording experience & results out of
nearly a dozen studios over 20+ years. John is a WIZARD.

DOUBLE INTENDERS - Our recordings sound awesome! Thanks so much
John! You did a great job recording our music and already our fans are
sending us rave reviews. We're looking forward to going back and
recording more songs with you.

COUNTER BALANCE - "Wow", "Amazing", these are things we are hearing
from people about our recording. We had a BLAST recording with you,
and the final mixes are really great sounding! We had a ton of fun and
got a lot accomplished. We could tell you got excited about our music as
well and that made it even better! Can't wait to do it again for a full CD!
Thanks again From Alex and everyone else in Counter Balance!

MIKE MITCHELL - My Audion Experience- I recently had a need to demo
some new songs. At the advice of a friend I decided to record at Audion
Studios. My initial reaction to the studio upon my arrival was its relaxed
atmosphere and John Magliano’s (the owner and engineer) insistence on
my feeling comfortable. The studio is set up to meet the needs of a lone
acoustic guitar or a full band. John is a musician and readily identifies
with the musicians needs and desired sound and the patience it takes to
get there. Since I was only recording an acoustic demo, the session could
have been handled very quickly but John took a great interest in the
sound that I wanted and made many great suggestions. If you're looking
for a studio that promotes your creativity and at a very reasonable price,
I recommend Audion Studios.

MARK ROBINSON - Hey John,My friend you have an excellent studio and
the technology was invisible, the way it should be. If anybody is looking
for a studio, I'm sending them your way.

CHAS.E - What a super place to record! I don't think I've ever had such an
easy recording experience. It was truly a pleasure. Can't wait to do it
again! Thanks, John!

POCKET MONSTERZ - Hey John, Just wanted to say it was great working
with you on our recording. Very easy to work with and great input. We'll
be back The Pocket Monsterz.

JASHUA ULMSTEAD - Hey John, I can't tell you enough how much we
appreciate what you did for our band. You produce a great sound and
have a great studio. Broken Bridge will always be grateful. Thanks again

TIM BAYS - Hey John, it was great to work with you at Audion, I've
already had tons of downloads from my tracks I recorded there they
sound great..Have a good one and thanks again....OTB

MICHELLE & MELINDA - Really love the work man, your studio rocks! Our
music sounds wonderful - thanks a lot :)

JAROD DELGADO - Hey man really appreciate how easy you were to work
with. Really had an awesome time in the studio. NOONE has the prices
like you, with the quality you give out. Hope to do some work soon.

FRED KIMMEL - Audion Recording Studios are AMAZING!
John Magliano - You are Genius!!
Hope to work with you again soon.

ROBERT CRAWFORD - Track sounds great!
You're an absolute pleasure to work with.
Stop by and listen to 'What's It Matter'.
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