1999- 2020 Audion Recording Studios
Audion Recording Studios


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This camera is not
always activated.
If the artist
approves we will
turn it on.(sound
may be muted)

You never know,
you might just see
someone you

Music Video: "Tswifted" by Carrizales, Clark & Potts.
Promo Video: Queens Boulevard talking about their album "This Is Not An Exit"
In Studio Video: Queens Boulevard working on guitars.
Promo Video: Starshot Black talking about their new album.
Promo Video: The Suns Of Kora are in the studio with John Magliano working on their new EP "Wild Free Summer!"
Music Video: The Suns Of Kora "Wild Free Summer!"
More video can be found at our Youtube channel or on our Reverb Nation pages.
Promo Video: Wild West Band
In studio video:Queens Boulevard Overdubing backing vocals on "Devil Walks" Having Fun!
In studio video:Queens Boulevard Dennis overdubing guitars on "Devil Walks"
Promo Video:A Ritual for Two- Jenkins the Dragon
Double Intenders "Complicated Girl"